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Project Alternative Funding

Looking for funding for a complex non-traditional project? To make a large expansion investment that requires major project financing? Do you need $20M-$500M in funding or investment capital?
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Asset base loans
Large construction
Renewable projects
90% Joint venture funding
Large project funding is a long term type of financing, ample type of financing of infrastructure and industrial projects consisting of various forms of loans during the phases of the project..
Regardless of your area of expertise, we provide funding for tougher transactions that fail to qualify for the traditional bank financing.
Depending on your specific business needs, we have the solution that works for you with rates and terms that make sense for your business.
USA and International projects. Mining, Oil and Gas, Power and Energy, Retail & Office, Agriculture & Hospitality devlopment projects

90% Joint venture loans

USA and International projects. Mining, Oil and Gas, Power and Energy, Retail & Office, Agriculture & Hospitality devlopment projects
We provide 80-90% joint venture financing that covers majority of your project costs including land acquisition, hard costs and soft costs. There is no interest charged during the term of the investment (typically 3-5 years). Instead, the fund takes a equity position within the proposed project (typically 15%-20%) as compensation for the investment, with the buyout options determined during underwriting.
We provide 80-90% financing for all types of commercial real estate and alternative energy projects.  In general, they must meet the following criteria:
This program is for NEW DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS ONLY that require $10 million or more;
The project must be shovel-ready--defined as ready to break ground in 90 days or less;
The project must be sponsored by a experienced developer with a significant financial stake.
Please provide proof of 10-20% down for acquisition and 5% closing cost. 

Financing Secured by Cohen Commerical Advisers through direct Life Insurance Lender
In addition to United Financial Group long list of prestigious correspondence lenders, United Financial Group has closed loans throughout the past 10 years with virtually very life insurance company in the U.S.
They maintain the loans on their balance sheets and typically focus on top tier borrowers and properties. Most life lenders lock the interest rate at application for a period up to 90 days and in some instances are able to provide forward commitments up to 12 months for additional pricing. The majority of loans originated by a life company remain in their portfolio for the life of the loan. This allows life company lenders to be more flexible with loan structures. Life companies can offer superior pricing especially for low leverage transactions in primary locations. Loan terms and amortization can be as long as 30-35 years, depending on the lender. The servicing of the loan post-closing is typically handled through an intermediary such as Largo or by the life company itself.

All income producing properties
3-30 year term/ up to 30 year amortization
Self-amortizing structures available
Interest only available for conservatively underwritten loans
Non-recourse (can be used to mitigate short term issues)
Loan-to-value up to 75%
Fixed interest rate typically locked at application
Priced over corresponding treasury or average life
Premium pricing for lower leverage deals with strong borrowers
Forward commitments available up to 12 months
No on-going operating covenants
No reserves/escrows
Par loans
No cash management/depository relationship
Yield maintenance and/or structured prepay
No third party servicers
Will consider recently stabilized properties
Flexible throughout life of loan
Top tier borrowers and properties
We Are
We Are
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Problem solvers

Capital Markets Conduit Lending Group

With secondary market commercial real estate mortgage experience spanning over two decades, United Financial Group Markets Conduit Lending Group has the experience and capital markets relationships necessary to properly structure your commercial real estate loan to ensure successful execution at the lowest fixed rates and costs in the market.
Through its Capital Markets platform, United Financial Group provides commercial mortgages for commercial real estate properties located in primary, secondary and tertiary markets in all 50 states.
With a focus on originating small and mid-balance debt ($2MM - $50MM), United Financial Group provides access to the capital and secondary markets to borrowers without an investment banking relationship, or that may have been passed over by the larger conduits or investment banks due to loan size, breadth of portfolio or financial capacity.
Certainty of rate, term, cost and execution.
Experienced, knowledgeable commercial mortgage banking team.
Capital sources include, commercial and investment banks, insurance companies, pension funds, REITs and other commercial real estate institutional investors.
Primary, secondary and tertiary markets. Single and multi asset owner eligibility

Property Types
Through its Capital Markets platform, our team provides commercial real estate debt and equity for most income producing asset classes across all levels of the capital stack.

Property types:
Affordable Housing
Mobile Home
Self Storage

Sovereign Wealth Funds 100% LTC Financing
[condo] Domestic – 100% Non-Recourse Loan-to-Cost Construction Lending

Non-recourse 100% LTC funding emerges.
The new trend in the capital markets is that sovereign wealth funds are seeking large-scale investments in the U.S. real estate market. The net result of this influx of capital is that a new era of large-scale construction projects have begun.
We have 100% loan-to-cost programs, loan amounts: 10 million – 900+ million per project and non-recourse.
If you have projects in this area please submit the package to us.

Preferred project types:
Waste management projects/treatment facilities
Waste-to-energy/energy/alternative energy/biofuel projects
Government projects/infrastructure parking garages
Resorts, casinos, villas, beach access/recreation centers/amusement parks
Condominiums & hotels developments in prime locations/major cities
Mixed-use (department stores, condos, hotels/shopping centers)
Agriculture projects (food/water processing)
Mining (with 43-101 or equivalent available)
Other types of projects considered on a case by case basis
Competitive Rates and the Service You Deserve