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Bank Gurantee Monetizing SBLC - Bank Guarantee Oil and Energy Contracts
SBLC Funding Programs, Proof of funds
Cohen Commercial Advisers has years of experience in dealing with Bank Guarantees, Mid Term Notes (MTNs)  SBLCs and other Bank Instruments, for Lease, Monetizing by Trading Platform or Non Recourse Loan, and selling the BG after your term is up.  Contact us today at 847-235-4682.  You can also fill out the form below.  We state with full confidence that we obtain: “The Lowest Rates and Highest Returns” because we deal DIRECT with Issuing Banks, no middlemen, and no intermediaries.  No Up Front Fees, if we don’t deliver, we don’t get paid. EMAIL: [email protected]   
Since 2004 Cohen Commercial Advisers has been an industry leader in arranging Financial Instrument Leasing and 
Leased Funds accounts issued from Top World Banks. CCA works with private as well as institutional resources all over the world. CCA Leased Funds accounts can be issued as Proof of Funds , Verification of Deposit , and Bank Comfort Letter. Our relationships with World Markets, Government Treasuries, NGOs and bank Desks can also be leveraged to get the Purchaser the most favorable terms.  We take our Motto Seriously:  “The Lowest Rates and Highest Returns” because we are Direct to Issuer, with no middlemen or intermediaries.  This means your interests are served professionally and efficiently, or not at all.   No Up Front Fees, if we don’t deliver, we don’t get paid.
Let us arrange the right service for you. Call today 847-235-4682
Our Instruments can be verified via SWIFT MT 799 and can be placed on Administrative Hold. Accounts are delivered in 1-3 Banking days.

Our Services Have Been Successfully Used For:

Gold , Petroleum , Commodities Transactions, Private Investment Opportunities, Collateral
Leverage Funding for Commercial Real Estate
Balance Sheet Enhancement
Demonstrate Proof of Fund

CCA arranges for direct contact with our Trading Desk who has years of experience, and long term relationships established with the Bank Guarantee Desks of Top Rated banks like:  HSBC,  JP Morgan,  Wells Fargo,  Credit Suisse and others.  Being able to obtain the proper instrument should only take a day or so, and understanding your project & what you are trying to do are both key to successful monetization. 
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An SBLC or Standby Letter of Credit is similar to a Bank Guarantee.  BOTH are often used for the same purposes.  Beware, NOT all Brokers/Agents are the same, just as all SBLCs are not the same.  Any broker or intermediary can obtain for you an an SBLC, but the purchaser must be very careful.  You do not want to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on an instrument that you cannot leverage for your needs. WE CAN SECURE INSTRUMENTS WITH UP TO 80% MONETIZATION for your project.

Cohen Commercial Advisers works with some of the worlds top Financial Institutions to issue and deliver Bank 
Guarantee BG or Standby Letter of Credit SBLC. Very flexible terms and conditions available. Tell us your needs and 
well work with you to close your deal.

CCE enjoys exclusive access to a very large portfolio of Cash Backed  MTN , T Bills , and Bonds available for 
borrowing. Instruments are issued from Top Financial Institutions working with any standard Bank to Bank procedure. 
Instruments being offered are AAA Rated by S&P and Moody’s .MTN , T Bills and Bonds are live existing instruments 
currently being traded on the Frankfort Exchange and can be verified on Euroclear , Bloomberg or Clearstream or 

Pre-Advice procedure available, delivery via SWIFT MT760 or DTC to Borrowers nominated receiving institution. 
Instruments are fully assignable, transferable, and may be leaned, encumbered, monetized or used for trade 
programs. Fees are 10.0% per 366 day term and the instrument can be renewed for up to 5 terms. No fees are paid 
until AFTER delivery and verification to the Borrowers satisfaction. Fees can be paid over the first 90 days with a 
minimal deposit .

Please send inquires to [email protected]

This service is useful for the following applications:

A physical commodity trader wants to request Proof of Product from a Supplier
A physical commodity trader needs to provide Proof of Funds to a Supplier
A physical commodity trader want to advise Buyer he is RWA to issue Performance Bond upon receipt of LC
A debt instrument trader wants to provide Proof of Funds to instrument Seller
Various other uses

Step by step process

1.        Complete Submission Checklist Items and Form
2.        A contract is then sent back along with escrow instructions.
3.        Once the fee is wired into escrow we will have the bank account set-up.
4.        Within 48-72 hours your POF account will be ready to be verified.
5.        POF Letter is sent directly to Escrow from Issuing Bank or an MT799 is sent via Swift to Receiving Bank and   
   an MT799 transmission receipt (export copy) is sent to escrow directly from Issuing Bank.
6.        Client will verify MT760 with receiving Bank


This is a "funds first" transaction. Because of the considerable costs involved in providing Proof of Funds we cannot 
initiate the process of creating an account for you without seeing the fee upfront in escrow. We will not accept a delay 
of payment until your other transaction closes.
The fee is paid into a third-party escrow account so you are protected. You remain in control of the funds until 
verification is completed.
We use a neutral third-party escrow company as the escrow agent. Fees need to be deposited into an escrow 
account prior to bank account creation. Once you receive the verified bank account letter, you then authorize the 
release of the fees held in escrow. This ensures that all parties perform as agreed.
Bank Guarantee Oil and Energy Contracts

A popular way to fund Oil and Energy Contracts is through Bank Guarantee Monetization.  Cohen Commercial Adviser is perfectly suited to Underwrite the Contract for Bank Guarantee qualification.  Our Oil and Energy Partner, Global Consultants, LLC is a Texas based firm which has been in business for over 30 years, and with over 100 years of combined experience on Staff.

Why does my Contract Need to be Underwritten?

Banks CANNOT solicit clients for Bank Guarantees.  In order to maximize profit from the Bank Guarantee, the Oil and Gas trader needs to have a Contract/Prospectus that will pass muster, and make sense.   You can realize 20 to 40% of the face amount of the Bank Guarantee each month!  For instance, a $100Million bank guarantee issued by JP Morgan,  Credit Suisse, HSBC, Wells Fargo or BofA is worth FAR MORE THAN THE Face amount, and will over the term of a year yield 110% to 150% of the face amount of the Instrument.   Thus, knowing that the Contract will pass muster is but a first step in the process, and AmeriFunding.Net charges NO FEES at any time, and NO UP FRONT FEES to review your Oil and Energy contract for suitability

Are all Bank Guarantee Trading Platforms the Same?

Far from it!  Most of the so called “traders” are new to Oil and Gas Bank Guarantee trades, as this is largely a new market for BG’s.  And the Energy Manager needs to be cognizant THAT NOT ALL TRADERS are the same by any measure.  One of the reasons is that few if any of the trades actually take place in the United States.  Most of the revenue will flow in from overseas desks each day.  Cohen Commercial Equity uses our New York financial desk with all the security clearances, and with over ten years of experience in Bank Notes.   Many Energy Managers find out too late, that not only are their traders not skilled, but they are only middlemen. works directly with it’s own Trader on Oil and Energy Transactions. CCA is a registed company in USA, not a overseas firm.
                                                             Aramco SBLC Program

Saudi Arabian Conglomerate Aramco seeks to obtain funding for American firms to move their energy projects to the Kingdom, and are seeking American SBLC specialists to fund those projects.   Although usually referred to as SBLC Monetization  or Bank Guarantee Monetization, this type of funding is predominantly a european or overseas technique.  As American funding sources have dried up, and as Institutions continue to tighten their restrictions on the types of loans they do;  Bank Guarantee and SBLC Monetization is becoming more popular in the United States.

Under the Mandate American SBLC providers are preferred by Aramco, and that makes a lot of sense too!  American SBLC providers are more accountable to their Clients, and in the event of something going wrong, the private bankers can be held responsible for their actions, or non performance.  Which seems to be the crux of Aramco’s decision for American Firms to seek SBLC and Bank Guarantee Monetization.

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Competitive Pricing

CCA's policy of “Lowest Prices, Highest Profits”  extends in two directions.  We want to make sure you get the lowest rates for purchase or lease of your SBLC, but that you also are able to leverage the Instrument, and profit from owning it.  This can be done even while you are actively working on your Project.  For instance, we can leverage the SBLC to obtain another Note, and put that Note on the Trading Platform for returns of 50 to 150% of the face value of the Instrument.. contact us, use the form to your right. 24 hours response.