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1. Expertise

Banks only know their own loan programs. And if they turn you down, you’re usually left out in the cold. 
United Financial Group have access to over 400 different types of commercial lenders. Once you 
provide them with the details of your situation, they have the expertise to match you with the right lender 
for your needs – even if it’s not the Capital Loan Program.

2. Dedication

Commercial loans can be very complex transactions if you don’t have the right support. Cohen 
United's Advisers is there to help you every step of the way from the application to the closing table. 
Mortgage professionals understand that your loan is much more than a dollar amount. It’s about 
growing and expanding your business. So whether you’re purchasing a property for your business, or 
tapping into the equity of your existing commercial building, your broker is dedicated to your succ

3. Service

Many mortgage brokers depend largely on referral business to get new clients. They know that if they don’t provide you with excellent service, you won’t give them the opportunity to work with your family and friends. With commercial lending, brokers don’t just want to close one loan. They want to serve their clients and help build a community, one loan at a time.

4. Honesty and other Important elements of our practice

We tell the truth and keep our word. We earn the trust of each other and always act with integrity and the highest ethical standards.  We strive to understand and appreciate people's concerns and ideas. 
Respectful: We are always respectful of different perspectives and continuously learn from each other. Creativity: We are always seeking better ways to do things. We don't look for the easy answer but, rather, the best solution. We are the innovators in our industry. Delivery: We meet our commitments to our clients and each other. We understand exactly what people want and expect of us and we deliver what they need on time and accurately - the first time. Passion: We do our work and meet our clients' 
needs with focused energy and enthusiasm. We have a winning team's attitude, and take pride in our accomplishments and the accomplishments of others.

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About Us
United Financial Group was founded in 2014, Headquarter in Sacramento, CA . Growth and expansion into other states followed year after year.
As of  year end 2019, United Financial Group  operated business Nationwide , with rapid growth and Loan Volume., 400+ lender relationships and servicing thousands of customers each year, United Financial Group is well positioned for outstanding
growth prospects into the next decade and beyond.

United Financial Group is a Commercial  loan placement firm that specializes in unconventional financing where speed and attention to special circumstances are critical.

Our unique lending program has made United Financial Group the Fastest direct, private  placement providers in the country.

At UFG, we recognize the importance of speed, and that loans must often be structured around each  client's unique set of financial circumstances.

Our program has been providing lightning-fast service and creative funding solutions throughout North 
America since 2014, and internationally since 2015.