Direct funding fees
Financial consulting plans and fees
Free service packages

Cohen Commercial Advisers  is a direct portfolio loan arranger specializing in financing investment and professional loan service
When banks say "no" we say "yes"

  1. $750.00 Flat fee
    Our team will secure SBA loan or Line of credit with our vast network of direct SBA Investors and unsecured lines of credit lenders
    SBA/line of credit #1
  2. $350.00 hour
    Our team will evaluate, structure, analyze, rewrite, process and underwrite your file to ensure it meets all the requirements of the designated Investor. 5 hour minimum. best package
    File preparation #2
  3. $350.00 hour
    Our team can guide you through the elaborate and difficult commercial mortgage process for your investment properties. We will provide you with the financing expertise and will also do the specialty work of dealing with the lenders.
    Project consulting #3
  4. FREE
    Our team will evaluate your credit report and financial analysis. Free income and debt ratio evaluation to determine the best rates and term we can arrange from our Investment source.
    Free credit report evaluation
  5. FREE
    Our team can arrange a free meet and greet conference call with our MBA Underwriters, CPA and financial advisers to discuss your loan and address and questions are concerns.
    Free conference calls with Cohen's MBA Underwriters
  6. Up to 2% closing fee
    Up to 2% Commission fee and up to $12500 third party fees
    Conventional loan
  7. Up to 5% closing fee
    Hard money, Alternative programs up to 5% closing fee
    Hard money loans
$7500- $22500 flat fee up to 90 hours of required work
or 1-3% success fee. #4
Cohen Commercial Advisers("CCA") will act as administrative agent and underwriting agent (collectively, the "Agent") for a syndicate of financial institutions (the "Lenders"), and will perform the duties customarily associated with such roles.
"CCA" will act as advisor and arranger for the Facilities (the "Arranger"), and will perform the duties customarily associated with such roles
Our team will secure two bonafide funding solution within 10 days for your Project .   

As an Alternative loan expert, equity fund and non-institutional capital provider, and registered and bonded financial consultant, we do not fund loans internally, all loans are funded with our funding partners, based upon the final structure of your loan (this is to allow us to offer you less expensive rates and/or terms if available).

We do not charge upfront fees, we only charge third party underwriting and consulting fee. Third-party costs associated with the funding requirements for the project shall go to an Independent escrow account and managed by the Lender and the Borrower. Third party report deposits fees (estimated below) are placed in our regulated escrow account, and if the project is subsequently denied for any reason, then they are refunded to you. We do not “advance” any the required third-party costs on behalf of Borrowers, and there may be other costs associated with the project that you will be responsible for (i.e. permits, inspections, environmental, title, etc.).
Please forward exeuctive summary
3 years tax returns
exit plans
Borrower resume
current financials
plans, permits for construction loans
sample term sheet: